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Koura Lodge, a private, lake-edge bed and breakfast in Rotorua, New Zealand.

A 5 minute drive to the city centre and even closer to many of Rotorua’s world famous attractions. Enjoy Koura Lodge’s private lawn-to-lake front living and established native garden setting.

A five star breakfast, lakeside open air hot tub/sauna, canoeing and lake swimming are all part of Koura Lodge’s real New Zealand experience.

The Lodge offers a variety of accommodation, with a total of 8 rooms accommodating a maximum of 18 guests & our lodge hosts on-site will help to ensure you make the most of your stay in Rotorua.

Koura Lodge is named after a small native fresh-water crayfish found in the streams, rivers and lakes around Aotearoa (New Zealand). These small creatures can be seen at night under torchlight, around the edges of the lake.

The lodge is situated on Kawaha point an area steeped in local history & features magnificent lake views which showcase Mokoia Island and Mt Tarawera.

180 Degree Lake Views
Kayaking on the lake

If you have any questions about the lodge or how we can make you upcoming stay even better? Our team is always happy to assist.

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